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Impress Your Clients with Customized, Monthly Reports

professional, clear and precise reporting that builds credibility for your brand, greater trust in your delivery and the opportunity to sell more of your products and services every month

Why do I need this?

it is 5 times less expensive to retain a client, then acquire a new one

Do as much as you can to ensure your client trusts you, your services and your delivery

As a facilities management company, it’s important to deliver expert service, quality and management. We recognize that although you may be doing these things, it is often unclear to the owner/ownerscorp exactly what a great job you are doing – and that’s where we come in.

These Monthly Facility Reports allow you to illustrate your expertise in a professional, organised and efficient way. They also provide you with the opportunity to sell more of your products and services via our recommendations panel.

Not only are you able to build a stronger relationship with your customers, you will have them begging you to sell them more of what you have.

How does it work?

There are 3 steps in taking your reporting to the next level.

  • Select the report fields you would like to include in your report. Choose from a list we have provided you and/or create your own custom fields.

  • Fill the fields in with text and upload any photos you would like for the before-and-after pages – and submit.

  • Once submitted, it will take 3 business days for your report to arrive in your inbox, customised to your branding and ready for you to hand over to your client.

What do I Get?

A Monthly Highlights Report combining your industry expertise with our design and marketing skills

Impress your clients time and time again.

This report takes the data and insight you have of your particular site, and converts it into a custom designed document that you can email or print for your clients at the end of every month or quarter.

This includes:

  • Site Details
  • A site summary
  • Workflows
  • Job scopes and timelines
  • KPIs and Objectives
  • OH&S Incident Report
  • Operations Incident Report
  • Environmental Incident Report
  • Before and after evidence of improvements (4 photos per subject)
  • Reccomendations
  • A conclusion
  • Custom fields of your choosing
  • A PDF document that you can print or email to your clients

Our “Monthly Highlight Report” will communicate with your clients in a professional, clear and precise way that builds credibility for your brand, greater trust in your services and a stronger relationship for dealings in the future.

It also provides you with opportunity to sell more of your products and services on a monthly basis by presenting a structured recommendations section – encouraging your client to go from good to great.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Highlights Report can vary depending on these features and functions

The report has a setup fee for each template we develop for you and your clients. We suggest starting with 1 template for all your sites, and populating that template with the necessary information.

From there, you will need to identify if you will be creating Monthly reports or quarterly reports. And lastly,  whether these reports will need additional fields, graphs and photograph formatting to that of the standard package.

You have the opportunity to customize the whole report ensuring you communicate most efficiently with your customers.

What's the next step?

Enquire today to take your Reporting to the Next Level

Inquire below and one of our expert team members will be in contact to make sure you get the best package and price possible for you and your customers.

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