“Are You Ready” Campaign

Marketing Campaigns

Written & Produced: Lightbox Digital
Production Partner: Dreamcube Productions

These videos were produced to introduce Monash University’s Master Degree of Bio-Product Manufacturing Engineering. The first of the 2 videos is an inspiring Birdseye view of the impact of Bio-Product Manufacturing, highlighting the need to push forward with technology to change the way the world operates. It’s a call to arms, engaging future students locally and internationally. Designed to inspire and evoke emotion, this advertisement was created for use on social media platforms on an international scale.

The second video was designed to give a realistic view of what a future student could expect from being a part of the program. We incorporated more interview snippets, course information and practical content. This video was also design for social media – edited in a way that smaller snippets could be used throughout an integrated, digital campaign.

Lightbox wrote, storyboarded and worked with our production partners to cut and edit both videos to be strategic and impactful.