Terms and Conditions of LIGHTBOX DIGITAL Proprietary Limited

The following is a brief overview of LIGHTBOX DIGITAL’s terms and conditions a comprehensive version of these terms and conditions can be found here. (Full T&Cs) It’s important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before you engage with our services.

  1. All work with LIGHTBOX DIGITAL will commence upon receipt of a 50% payment deposit based on the original quote or estimate made. A payment signifies that the ‘Client’ has agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. All fees for our services are charged at a value based rate. Your LIGHTBOX DIGITAL representative will give you a time estimate for the services that you require. For one off, Hourly-based work, clients will be charged a minimum of three hours at the commencement of work.
  3. Clients are required to pay 50% of the quotation fee prior to the commencement of work unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged by the LIGHTBOX DIGITAL representative.
  4. Any jobs that are submitted after the agreed upon due date or those requiring a fast turnaround will incur an additional cost. Acceptance of additions will be agreed upon on a case by case basis. Lightbox uses indicative industry loading rates for these jobs.
  5. Work done in addition to the scope of work, the original estimate, the agreed deliverables or finished work signed off by the client is considered additional work and will be charged separately to the original estimate.
  6. Weekend loading 1.5X will apply to the hourly rate on a Saturday and 2x on a Sunday and any other public holidays.
  7. The client is responsible to provide certain information such as content, logos and other material in order to commence and undertake the work. It’s the client’s responsibility to provide this information in a timely manner to ensure that Lightbox can deliver the final product or products on time. Lightbox Digital will not take responsibility for any late delivery of the final products if the client had not adhered to their responsibilities.
  8. There are deadlines and cutoff dates for submitting written content or requesting artwork for any print or digital work. Any amendments or submissions after the deadlines or cutoff times will be considered additional work and will be charged appropriately.
  9. Changes are limited to three rounds unless there have been extra rounds pre-purchased during the sales process. Any extra changes beyond this will incur additional charges. Changes must be within the scope and should be submitted in the form of email. One email of changes is considered as one round of changes.
  10. It is the clients’ responsibility to proofread and approve the final product or materials. LIGHTBOX DIGITAL accepts no responsibility for any errors or mistakes after signoff and any changes after signoff are considered additional work.
  11. Any outstanding invoices which are not settled within 14 days will incur $20+GST. Any outstanding accounts more than 30 days will incur 5% charge +GST and will be added to the total outstanding amount.
  12. Terms and conditions apply for termination of work. Please read section (11, 11.1 and 11.2) in our full terms and conditions. (Full T&Cs)
  13. LIGHTBOX DIGITAL reserves the right to re-assess and alter their charges/fees for their products or services for new work and review them.
  14. Lightbox DIGITAL holds all copyrights for all creative work and concepts created including all artwork and written documents. The client will own all rights to the work in agreed formats after full payment is received by Lightbox DIGITAL.
  15. Work created by LIGHTBOX DIGITAL is highly creative and subjective. LIGHTBOX DIGITAL takes due care to give the best advice and professional opinion from concept to implementation, However, LIGHTBOX DIGITAL will not be held responsible for variation between expectation and outcome.